About Us

About Us

Backyard Carnivals LLC is a company that brings the fun to you, literally! Doesn't matter who you are, one thing that we can be absolutely certain about is that we all love to have a good time every once in a while. Looking to bring your party to life? Check out our projectors and screens, bounce houses, concession packages, and much, much more. We look at it as it's our responsibility to create as many smiles and fun-filled memories as possible and we strive to do nothing short of that. So if you're looking to keep the kids bouncing for birthdays, celebrate a graduation, a romantic date night, or sporting event with friends, Backyard Carnivals have what you need to make the most out of your celebration.

Mission Statement

Here at Backyard Carnivals, our first and main priority is to provide smiles and fun to EVERYONE. A lot of things about our world have changed, but one thing that will always remain constant just has to let loose and enjoy life! So we're here to bring the fun to you. Literally!

Sometimes life gets tough and we understand that, but as stated before, we're here to bring fun to EVERYONE, we mean it. So we're committed to doing our part and giving back to the community. Whether that be through charities, community outreach, giving back, or whatever else, we will be sure to do it and publicly so that the people and the communities we serve can always hold us accountable.

We're a family company with strong family values and now we invite you to join our family! No matter your background, religion, or whatever else that may separate us, doesn't matter! Let's leave it where it's at and let us bring a carnival to your backyard!


  • An adult must be present to supervise the use of any and all equipment.
  • Do not allow children to use bounce houses without adult supervision.
  • Bounce house jumpers must remove shoes, jewelry, glasses, combs, hair clips, keys, or any other sharp object that may damage bounce houses.
  • Dry Rentals - please wear socks inside.
  • No silly string or confetti inside bounce houses.
  • Damage repair will cost $250.00 for any damaged or broken equipment.
  • $100.00 of your purchase will be considered a nonrefundable deposit to reserve equipment on any combos or packages.
  • 6-8 kids at one time in any bounce house.
  • No food or drink allowed inside bounce houses.
  • No horseplay inside bounce houses.
    (* this means no wrestling moves, no flipping, no pushing, no diving into or off of equipment)
  • Do not lay down inside of bounce houses.
  • Water added to dry bounce houses will cost $50.00 to $100.00.
  • Please do not use equipment outdoors if the weather does not permit it.

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